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Cabernet Franc

While not nearly as well known as its genetic offspring, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc has earned its own fame and with due cause.  Established in the Libournais region of France, Cabernet Franc grapes were nurtured under an abbot named Breton who has since had his name used interchangeably with the official varietal name.  Later, the […]


As one of the most widely grown grapes in the world, Chardonnay has a history as rich and varied as the wines that it produces.  Propagated throughout France by the Cistercian monks, Chardonnay officially became a Burgundy grape when it was planted under Emperor Charlemagne’s rule in the 800s.  One of the legends swirling about […]

Petit Verdot

If you are anything like my human brother Taylor, your mouth will start to water at the mere mention of the wine: Petit Verdot.  It has been his favorite since he first tried our lineup in the tasting room.  It was one of the first varietals planted here at SIx Penny Farm, and, curiously enough, […]


Winston here….  As I was loping through the vines yesterday, I started to think about how much I know about each of our varietals, and I decided I should write a few blogs telling you all the facts and quirks I know about the grapes we have growing here at Six Penny Farm.  Seeing as […]

It’s Harvest Time!

Oh boy, oh boy, we are right in the midst of my newest favorite time of the year: harvesting season!  We might not have many vines that are producing grape bunches right now, but Mom and I have been practicing checking for all the signs of ripeness.  With all of this practice, we are going […]

Vinifera v. Hybrid

Every evening, I get to go on one of my favorite adventures.  Mom and I (and sometimes Dad) go walking across our property and through the vineyards.  There are all sorts of delicious smells in the air from the creatures that I share Six Penny Farm with, and we also get to check on all […]

What Are These Brix, Anyway?

Welcome to my blog!  My name is Winston and you may see me hanging out here at Brix and Columns as I am the winery dog. They even put me on the back of the bottle!  I know a lot of you have the same questions about me, so I’d like to start off telling […]

On-Farm Wedding Venue

Our beautiful, well-maintained farm adds charm to your wedding venue. The farm is a 160-acre beef and hay farm located in McGaheysville, Virginia which is in Rockingham County a leading agricultural county for the state. Farms in the area yield a variety of products most typically poultry, beef, corn, and soybeans in addition to a […]