What you can expect at Brix and Columns Vineyards wedding venue:

  • An Amazing Venue

    Use of a great wedding venue from 10 am to 10 pm with cleanup done by 11 pm.

  • Stunning Massanutten Views

    Your choice of a number of great ceremony sites with unmatched backgrounds on our country farm estate with the Massanutten Peak, Blue Ridge Mountains, our classic old barn or house with plenty of brick and columns.

  • Tables

    Round reception tables as well as a number of banquet tables with white table clothes.

  • Cocktail Tables

    We have 10 cocktail tables available on the back patio cocktail area.

  • Dressing Rooms

    Distinguished bride and groom dressing rooms.

  • Photography Shoot Access

    Use of the farm and home for bridal pictures on an appointment basis. You will be impressed with all the options for pictures including the mountains, barn, corncribs, silos with Virginia Creeper growing up the sides, and a wonderful rustic old above ground cistern to name a few. Please remember the possibilities are endless with 360-degree views around this Jeffersonian brick home.

  • Get Extra Days For Less

    Rent the venue for additional days at a reduced rate for rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner or imagine an innovative way for our venue to work for you.

  • Lawn Games & More

    We have plenty of outdoor spaces to socialize, play lawn games or just sit on one of the herring bone brick porches with friends and reminisce.

  • Backup Generator For Lots of Power

    Plenty of electrical capacity and a whole-house backup generator.

  • Restrooms

    Don’t worry about restrooms, we’ve got you covered!

  • Event Advisor At Your Service

    Multiple meetings with an event advisor available by appointment.

Thinking of something special? Talk to us about customization!

Let us know if there is anything else you might desire and we will see if can offer it as an option for your great day. Stay tuned for additional services we may add for those couples who choose this unique wedding venue. What you see is only the minimum we currently offer.

Have Questions?

Call: 540-421-0339

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