Wyatt’s Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, 

I’ve always tried to be a good boy, but sometimes it is hard because there are so many fun things to get into. Earlier today, I wanted to show Winston what a good boy I had been, so I pounced on him while he was taking a nap and tugged at his ears until he got up to see the really cool blanket bed I had built all by myself in the middle of the living room floor. He wouldn’t even go with me to see!  He told me that I would know in a few weeks if I really had been a good boy because a man in a red suit would poof! appear in the fireplace, and as long as I didn’t bark at him, that man would leave me toys to play with and treats to eat! And guess what, Santa? That man is you!

Winston told me I could write you a letter and mail it to the North Pole, so you can know exactly what I want for Christmas, so that is what I am doing! I like yummy treats – any kind would do for me, but Mom says they have to be made for dogs. I also like toys that I can play tug and chase with. There is nothing funnier than running around the event space with a new toy in my mouth, but sometimes I get in trouble because even though something looks like a toy and smells like a toy, it isn’t a toy. I really, really like soft blankets to cuddle with. I even take them all over with me, then sometimes I lose them and can’t find them when I need a good cuddle.  

I hope it is okay that I am writing you. I know I am still learning to be a good boy, so maybe you can take some extra treats and toys and blankets into the dog shelters so those dogs and cats can have a good Christmas, too.  

I also have a few suggestions for what you can get all of the wine drinkers on your list! I don’t know if you know this, but I have very floppy ears and this makes them very good for listening (when I want to), and I hear a lot of people in the tasting room talking about what their favorite wine accessories are!

Someone talked about the 12 days of Christmas this weekend, and that is actually perfect because I have 12 items on my list to talk to you about! Can you come and drop these off to them over the 12 days leading up to Christmas? Is that how it works?


  1. Wine Cooler – I heard one day that wine should be stored at a certain temperature, so this sounds like the perfect present for someone who has a collection of wine that they want to save for a special occasion.  


  1. Decanter – Mom went to a conference a few weeks ago where she learned that all wine needs to breathe a little bit. After she said that, I looked closely at our wine bottles and I didn’t see any noses for them to sniff with, so maybe their nose comes in the decanter. I’m not really sure about this one. 


  1. Reidel Glasses – At this same conference, Mom learned about a special sort of wine glass called a Reidel (rhymes with needle). She said it really makes a difference in the way wine tastes! I wonder if it works with dog bowls, too? 


  1. Vacuum Wine Sealers – I heard Erin talking about these to one of our customers the other day.  She said it sucks all of the extra air out of the bottle and keeps the wine from getting too much exposure to oxygen. This your wine tastes better for longer.


  1. Barvivo Wine Opener – People ask all the time which wine openers we use, and this is the one all of our tasting room staff loves the most. The double-hinged metal part makes it really easy to pull even the toughest corks out of the bottle.  


  1. Vinglace Wine Chiller – This recommendation came from Kelli. She loves to drink COLD white wine, and this chiller keeps her wine ice cold for hours!


  1. Wine 2 Go Foldable Flask – We live in a beautiful area, and some people spend a lot of time hiking. Donna recommended this as a good gift because someone could easily take a bottle of wine with them on the trail without having to worry about the weight of the glass bottle. 


  1. Carrying Case – Speaking of carrying wine, a carrying case is the perfect present because if they take their own carrying case into a vineyard, it is even easier to take wine home. Who doesn’t need more wine?


  1. Sensory Kits – A few years ago, my brother and sisters got one of these kits for Mom and Dad. I am not allowed to get super close to it because I am still learning how to be gentle with delicate objects, but sometimes when they open the little glass vials, I can smell all sorts of yummy smells. Mom says they use them to help better pick out the scents that are in the wines.  


  1. Wine Skin – I was listening to a couple in the tasting room talk about their vacation to the beach. They said it had tons of sand for me to dig in and waves for me to chase, and they said the only thing they were missing was a bottle of wine from their favorite vineyard. Maybe this year, Mom will take me with her to the beach for a vacation. If she does, she can use a Wine Skin from our tasting room to pack a bottle of Petit Manseng, so it will stay safe in her luggage!


  1. Swig Mugs – We have these for sale in our tasting room, and they are the perfect size for stocking stuffers. These cups allow someone to have their favorite wine in front of a campfire, and the cup keeps it chilled if it is supposed to be!


  1. 12 Bottles from Brix & Columns – Now this is one that I really think you should bring before Christmas, Santa. If you bring the people on your nice list a case of wine by December the 13th, they will be able to countdown to Christmas. It would be like a miniature Advent calendar that all adults could enjoy! Errrrrr… Winston just came in and told me that the 12 days of Christmas actually starts on Christmas day, so if you have to wait until Christmas to give them their gift, they can still use it to celebrate the traditional 12 Days of Christmas that lasts from December 25th to January 5th. 

Santa, I hope my letter wasn’t too long, but I am just so excited to write to you and tell you all of my ideas.  I can’t wait to meet you on Christmas; I promise I won’t make a sound!



P.S. I will try really, really, really hard to be on my best behavior between now and then!

P.P.S. Winston said you like cookies; I do, too! (Please don’t tell Mom.) What sort of cookies do you want me to leave out?