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We really enjoy drier wines that have layers of complexity in their flavor and a nice, lingering finish, but we also appreciate that some people enjoy lighter, sweeter wines.  For production, we’re working with the award winning Michael Shaps of VA Wineworks; with his expertise and our vision, we have cultivated a line-up that is sure to please nearly every palate.

2017 Chardonnay

Made from grapes from Honah Lee and Hark Vineyards, our Chardonnay was fermented in new and neutral French oak and aged for 9 months to result in a wine that has a rich, creamy feel. With a nose reminiscent of an early spring morning in the woods, you may also pick up notes of starfruit, toasted vanilla, and a touch of coffee, this medium bodied wine is overflowing with flavors of lemon and golden delicious apples and tart lemon. Roast chicken, grilled or roasted vegetables, and nutty cheeses would all be perfect pairings for this decadently tart Chardonnay. Technically: Residual Sugar = 0%, pH = 3.28, alcohol = 12.9%.

2016 Viognier

This is the first wine made specially for Brix and Columns was a great way to start. It is 100% Viognier, made from two of the best Viognier vineyards in Virginia, Honah Lee and Upper Shirley. Fermentation was carried out in stainless steel tanks for 3 months, and the wine was bottled early to retain fresh fruit and floral aromas and flavors. Full of peach, apricot and honeysuckle notes, it has a pleasant acidity and a lingering finish. Viognier pairs well with soft cheeses, seafood and chicken. Technically: Residual Sugar = 0.1%, pH = 3.52, alcohol = 13.3%

2017 White Brix

A blend of four aromatic white grapes (31% Chardonnel, 31% Pinot Gris, 23% Traminette, and 7% Petit Manseng), this slightly sweet wine is easy to sip on. The luscious nose is floral with notes of green apple and laden with honeysuckle. Bursting with flavors of pear and apple, along with the pleasant acidity, pairs it well with cheeses, cured meats, briny oysters, and just about any other seafood. Technically: Residual Sugar = 2.25%, alcohol = 12.4%


Delicious and easy drinking, this sweet table red is sure to please everyone’s palate. Notes of jammy dark fruit and a hint of vanilla and chocolate on the nose are only the beginning of the richness to come. Once in your mouth, the complex flavors of tart cherry and ripe blackberry envelop the taste buds in a way that only a red blend of cabernet sauvignon, chambourcin, and merlot are able. Our favorite aspect of this wine is that it enables us to give back to Kerus Foundation. Kerus, which means doing something with all of your heart, is a wonderful organization that is providing support and AIDS education to children who have been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in South Africa.

2017 Cabernet Franc

A delicious medium bodied wine, this Cabernet Franc was aged for 8 months in French oak barrels. Starting with graphite right up front, both in the nose and flavor, the flavors peel away in layers - moving through coffee and leather, a burst of tart cherry, and finishing with a smooth and spicy pepperiness. Technically: Residual Sugar = 0.4%, pH = 3.54 , alcohol = 13.5%

2016 Petit Verdot

A lighter-bodied Petit Verdot, it was aged in new and neutral French oak to impart it with a hint of campfire and distinct aromas. Full of black cherry and plum, it finishes with an earthiness with a hint of spice and tobacco. This luscious and complex wine has a pleasant acidity and pairs perfectly with juicy burgers or a rich beef stew. Technically: Residual Sugar = 0%, pH = 3.8, alcohol = 13.4%

2016 McGahey

Aged in a variety of barrels, this Petit Verdot and Merlot blend has a lot of smoke, cherry, and spice right up front, quickly followed by notes of stone fruit. A heavy tannic structure finishes this wine, promising delicious flavors and textures to come as it ages. This wine would be the perfect pair for a grilled steak, hearty pastas, or decadent chocolate desserts. Technically: Residual Sugar = 0%, pH = 3.54, alcohol = 13.1%