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We really enjoy drier wines that have layers of complexity in their flavor and a nice, lingering finish, but we also appreciate that some people enjoy lighter, sweeter wines.  For production, we’re working with the award-winning Michael Shaps of VA Wineworks; with his expertise and our vision, we have cultivated a lineup that is sure to please nearly every palate.

Tastings are on hold right now, but we are excited to be able to offer flights of 5 wines for $12.

We are currently using plastic cups in lieu of our glassware to keep our customers and staff safe. If you prefer to use a glass while drinking wine, we encourage you to  bring your favorite glass along with you or purchase your own souvenir glass while you are visiting.

We are also unable to provide chillers for wines; please bring a cooler to keep your wines cold.


2017 Chardonnay ⬩ 7/26

Our Chardonnay was fermented in new and neutral French oak and aged for 9 months to result in a wine that is rich and complex. With a nose reminiscent of an early spring morning in the woods, you may also pick up notes of crème brûlée and toasted vanilla. This medium bodied wine is overflowing with flavors of golden delicious apples and sweet lemon.  Roast chicken, grilled or roasted vegetables, and nutty cheeses would all be perfect pairings for this deliciously creamy and tart Chardonnay.  

Technically: RS 0%, pH 3.28, alcohol 12.9%

Grape Sources: Honah Lee

2018 Viognier ⬩ 7/24

Full of crisp apple notes, this Viognier is round and zingy with a lingering finish that comes from the time spent on the skins. It was fermented in stainless steel tanks for 4 months & bottled early to retain the fruity & floral notes.  With the rich flavor, this Viognier would pair perfectly with creamy pasta dishes, buttery seafood, & any mixed cheese platter.

Technically: RS .03%, pH 3.56, alcohol 12.6%

Grape Sources: Honah Lee, Mountain View, White Hall

2018 Petit Manseng ⬩ 7/28

Our Petit Manseng achieves the quality of light and refreshing while still presenting with a supple texture that embraces your taste buds.  This surprisingly tart wine is rich in body and leads with a melon nose before unfolding into delicate tropical flavors. Barreled on the lees in a neutral French oak for 7 months, this vintage of Petit Manseng has a voluminous palate & longevity not often found in white wines. It is the perfect pair for spicy asian dishes & blackened fish; the tart acidity & lingering finish make this a wine to remember. 

Technically: RS 0%, pH 3.3, alcohol 12.9%

Grape Sources: Colesville, Highland, South Albemarle

2019 Rosé ⬩ 7/24

A radiant blend of 56% Cabernet Franc, 28.5% Merlot, 10.5% Chambourcin, &5% field pick intoxicates with strawberry & bubble gum on the nose. Sweet florals & flavors of just-ready nectarine follow.  Processed in the traditional saignée style, this stainless steel wine has a clarity & effervescence of flavor that will make it a favorite this season. Rosés pair extraordinarily well with most foods, but this one would be great with a mixed greens salad topped with grilled chicken & strawberries, a mixed cheese platter, & fresh fruit spreads.   

Technically: RS 0.4%, pH 3.44, alcohol 11.3%                

Grape Sources: Brix & Columns, Delfosse, General’s, Well Hung, Wolf Gap  

2018 White Brix ⬩ 6/20

A blend of four aromatic white grapes (40% Vidal Blanc, 27% Seyval Blanc, 25% Traminette, & 8% Petit Manseng), this slightly sweet wine is the perfect porch wine! The aromatic nose is bursting with fruit & the flavors are full of green apple, pear, & tangerine. This wine has well-balanced acidity, & it pairs well with cheeses, cured meats, summer salads, fresh oysters, & just about any other seafood.

Technically: RS 2.25%, pH 3.23, alcohol 12%

Grape Sources: Brix & Columns, Honah Lee, Shenandoah

2019 Sweet W ⬩ 7/24

Finished in stainless steel, this wonderfully balanced and deliciously sweet blend (90% Vidal, 10% Traminette) features our own “Sweet W” on the label. A nose that has traces of honeysuckle leads to flavors reminiscent of pear galette and sugared grapefruit rind. The label is unforgettable and the flavor is unmatched in this wine that is perfect as a gift for others or simply for treating yourself!

Technical notes: RS 4%, pH 3., alcohol 12%

Grape Sources: Brix & Columns, Honah Lee

Hallielujah Sparkling White and Rosé

Drinking either one of these sparkling wines is a special treat in itself! The gentle effervescence floats tastes of lemon cream in the white and summer berries in the rosé making this a wine that would pair perfectly with most appetizers and first courses. Both wines were aged in neutral French oak.

White technical notes:  RS 1.7%, pH 3.3.2, alcohol 11.9%

Grape Sources: Carter’s Mountain, Grapelawn, Honah Lee  

Rosé technical notes:  RS 1.5%, pH 3.29, alcohol 11.9%

Grape Sources: Multiple Virginia Vineyards

2019 Lil Em ⬩ 28

Named for both the grapes from which it was made & as a tribute to our own “Lil Em”, the Petit Manseng grapes were tobacco barn dried for 2 weeks before being processed and aged in French oak for 8 months. This dessert-style wine has a delightfully luxurious mouthfeel that intoxicates you with notes of honey before carrying you off to a paradise of tangerine, pineapple, & apricot. Enjoy it served with strong & salty cheeses or as the perfect after dinner treat enjoyed by itself or drizzled over vanilla pound cake for an indulgent finish. 

Technical notes: RS 2.7%, pH 3.73, alcohol 12.7%

Grape Sources: Highland


2018 Cabernet Franc ⬩ 7/24

A delicious light bodied wine, this Cabernet Franc was aged for 8 months in both new & neutral French oak barrels.  The nose & flavor include a smoky raspberry combined with pleasing minerality. This is a perfect wine to drink now under the warm sunshine. Pair it with a flavorful charcuterie board to complete this wine’s unique experience.

Technical notes:  RS 0.3%, pH 3.78, alcohol 11.2%

Grape Sources: Brix & Columns, Del Fosse, Shenandoah

2018 McGahey Red ⬩ 7/30

Aged for 16 months in French Oak barrels, this Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Tannat blend leads with a warm smokiness followed by tart cherry. The prominent oak presence compliments the mellow flavors of this easy-to-drink wine. This is an incredibly versatile wine that pairs with nearly any food; it’s a great bottle to bring to dinner!. 

Technical notes: RS 0%, pH 3.72, alcohol 11.5%

Grape Sources: Highland, Honah Lee, Mountain View

2018 Kerus I ⬩ 7/25                                         

Delicious & easy drinking, this sweet table red is sure to please everyone’s palate. A fruit forward nose, the jam notes are only hints of the deliciousness to come. Once in your mouth, a delicious medley of fruits (think cherry, strawberry, & raspberry) & chocolates envelop the taste buds in a way that only a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin, Merlot & Cabernet Franc is able; you may catch hints of a holiday spice at the end making this perfect for all the upcoming gatherings.  Our favorite aspect of this wine is that it enables us to give back to KerusGlobal Education.  Kerus, which means doing something with all of your heart, is a wonderful organization that is providing AIDS education & support to children who have been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in South Africa.

Technically: RS 2.36%, pH 3.82, alcohol 11.3%

Grape Sources: Brix & Columns, Del Fosse, Mountain View, Shenandoah, Wolf Gap

2019 Kerus II ⬩ 7/25                                         

This smooth and silky red blend is sure to please everyone’s palate. The wine presents with a lovely, rich ruby color and a jam-filled nose. Chambourcin(74%), Merlot(14%) & Petit Verdot(11%) combine to offer a wine that is full of berry flavors, hints of cacao, and a touch of spice. As with our original Kerus wine, we love that this wine allows us to give back to KerusGlobal Education. Kerus, which means doing something with all of your heart, is a wonderful organization that is providing AIDS education & support to children who have been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in South Africa. 

Technical notes:  RS 0.3%, pH 3.7, alcohol 12.7%

Grape Sources: Brix & Columns, Hamlet, Upper Shirley

2016 Merlot ⬩ 7/26

We partnered with Lee Hartman of Bluestone Vineyards to create this medium-bodied, easy-drinking red. You may notice hints of star anise & coffee followed by flavors of juicy raspberry. Aged in both new & neutral oak, this is a wine that gives its drinker a great opportunity to taste the terroir. Pair it with a pot roast or braised rack of ribs to delight everyone.

Technically: RS 0.2%, pH 3.66, alcohol 13%

2016 Petit Verdot ⬩ 8/33

A lighter-bodied Petit Verdot, this wine was aged in both 2 yr old & new French oak for 18 months & starts with a bold nose full of juniper & dark fruit.  Full of black cherry & plum, each sip finishes with a rich earthiness that carries hints of spice & tobacco. This luscious & complex wine has a pleasant acidity & pairs perfectly with juicy burgers or a rich beef stew.

Technically: RS 0%, pH 3.8, alcohol 13.4%

Grape Sources: Clover Green, Honah Lee

2018 Six Penny Postscript  8/35

Barreled in French Oak for 22 months, this vintage of our port-style red dessert wine is incredibly smooth and full of flavor. Made mostly from tobacco barn dried Chambourcin grapes, the flavor leads with black currant and finishes with a smokiness you can savor. The delicate sweetness and subtle structure of this wine makes it one to remember! We recommend having it as your dessert, paired with a strong dark chocolate, or enjoyed with s’mores by the fire.   

Technically: RS 2.6%, pH 3.9, alcohol 18.4%

Grape Sources: Adventure Farms, Brix & Columns, Pinehaven

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