Walk Into Your Wedding in Style

We all remember the magic of those glass slippers that the beautiful Cinderella wore to the ball.  But do we think those glass slippers were really as comfortable as the movie portrays?  The story certainly confirms the connection between a woman and her footwear.  And while a bride’s wedding dress may get all the attention, it’s her shoes that bring in the final bit of magic.  We can all agree, our choice of shoes can be a fun way to show your personality and complement your wedding dress to make a statement.

Your wedding location, and the time of year, is something to consider when shopping for the perfect shoes to pair with your dress. Think about a comfortable choice and one that won’t sink into the ground, if an outdoor ceremony is in your plans. Or, if the thought of teetering around in a pair of heels all day makes you cringe, there are stylish choices in wedges, flats, sandals, sneakers, and even boots!  

In our last blog, Rainy Days and Rainbows, we highlighted many positives to having a rainy-day wedding.  Fun and colorful rain boots would also be a way to brighten a rainy day, while keeping your feet cozy and dry.   

Here at Brix and Columns Vineyards, we have enjoyed seeing what some of our brides have chosen.  From cowboy boots, to sneakers to sandals and everything in between.  Whatever your choice, be sure to get some memorable pictures that show off your wedding day shoe personality.


Comfortable and casual


Elegant and strappy
















Photos courtesy of: http://j-ellisphotography.com/ and https://www.tallandsmallphotography.com/